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Foggy Halloween Mansion

I created this 3D scene in Blender, rendered with Eevee, as a personal project this month for Halloween, and I thought it turned out well enough to share. I hope you enjoy and it's suitably spooky! If you've done any similar haunted house stuff this halloween, feel free to drop me a link so I can check it out. Happy Halloween!

New Tech

This has been my first time experimenting with Geometry Nodes in Blender, and I found them insanely useful for detail work. In this case, the small branches + needles on the pine trees, some brick and rooftile randomization.

I also experimented more with procedural textures - I've always been a fan of procedurals, but in personal projects I tend towards geometry and lighting rather than texture. In this project, nearly everything in the scene has some kind of texture or normal to vary the surface.

I'm also pretty happy with the volumetrics now available in Eevee. It took some wrangling to get the textured cloudy fog look I wanted without rendering the scene entirely light grey, but it works!

Oh, and I took the photo of the moon seen over the mansion!


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